Market your clients properties to our private network of vetted property investors.

Agreed is the marketplace for buying and selling rental properties, Sell rental property with tenants in place and let you clients earn rental income right up until completion. No nonsense.


Tennets in situ

Most of our property is sold with the tenant in situ so you know how much rent to expect, how well your tenant looks after your property and you start earning rent the moment you collect the keys

Joint Ventures

Properties sell faster on Agreed as our matching service pairs suitable investors together, who in singularity may not be able to afford the deposit.

Vetted Investors

All of our investors have met KYC and AML requirements. We have also verified bank balances to ensure our investors have the deposits available for properties marketed to them.


How do we verify investors?

Using Open Banking we verify the bank balances of our investors to ensure they have the funds available for the deposit required on the properties they can see on Agreed. We also run KYC/AML on all our investors by validating passports/drivers licences agaisnt goverment databases. We even use facial regonition to verify thier face matches the face on the document!

Bank Balances

How it works?


Estate agents with suitable investment properties upload deals to the Agreed property portal

Sign up above and upload the barebones of the deal to our property portal. Include the value of the deposit, expected deposit/return split. The type of property, expected returns, number of rooms and images. It's free to list!


Your deals are sent out to our database of vetted investors.

We only market your properties to investors who we know have available funds available to meet the deposit. At this stage, we also pair investors together who may be interested in your property deals. This happens behind the scenes.


Private Chat with interested Investors

We will match you with interested investors and you are free to open up discussion around the proposed property. We will continue to match you with investors until the right pair is found.



Exchange contracts between your solicitors and secure the deal. Rate and give feedback on your Investors.

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